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Welcome to Buttonwood Beach

Thank you for considering Buttonwood Beach for your summer getaway place. It’s difficult to describe Buttonwood – you really need to experience it, to understand it. But we’ll give it a try. You see Buttonwood is a special place. A magical place some might say.

Buttonwood BeachButtonwood Beach is a place where nature shines brighter and better than any neon light, where majestic bald eagles, prehistoric blue herons, and flocks of bright song birds fill the air. Where white tail deer people-watch – especially our two almost white ones who are a bit more shy, but still seen frequently. Where our friendly seagulls keep track of the tide for the fishermen, and the turtles are like sundials in the pond, disturbed only by the dragonflies lightly landing on their shells. Where a large mouth, pumpkin shell and crappie are good things! Where late in summer into early fall, Maryland’s famous blue crabs find our waters. Where the sunsets are truly glorious, filled with streaks of orange and red, flashes of purple and blue, as they spread across the sky, the forest and water.

Buttonwood BeachButtonwood is a place of fun – a playground for all ages, full of friendly folks who really just want to have fun! Sunshine + Sand + Water = FUN! From jet skis, to paddle boats, kayaks to canoes, long fiberglass boats with big motors that go fast and fishing boats made for bass or “rock” fish that offer silent movement, or just a ripple of wake. Play basketball or BBQ at our open pavilion, borrow a book from our lending library or just sit in the sunshine or under the shade of a tree to relax.

Buttonwood BeachWe’re a place of pets. From pugs to poodles, bulldogs to beagles, Siamese to calico (Maryland’s state cat), they’re all welcome (on a leash of course). We’ve even had an albino skunk, large parrots and a helping hands monkey! We have a couple of pet walk areas – the serene one by Arnold Pond. And the more “happening” area on the beach overlooking the Chesapeake Bay (there’s even a real fire plug there!). On our local telephone directory, we list local vets and emergency hospitals for our four footed friends (oh – and we have information for humans as well!).

Buttonwood BeachWe’re also a place of full service. We cut your grass, repair your outside utility connections and have a full time experienced and courteous staff on call. We can construct your deck, install a screen room and just about provide whatever you need. If our crew doesn’t do the work (electrical and propane come to mind), we have licensed professionals we can suggest. Our convenience store is fully stocked –with everything from ice to ice cream. You can even charge your purchases and receive one convenient monthly invoice. Send the kids up to pick up milk and bread on their own – like days gone by!

Buttonwood BeachWe are a place for peace of mind. Surrounded by water on three sides, there’s one way in, and one way out of Buttonwood. Our entrance is a 24 hour electronic security gate with surveillance cameras. Only those with a proper PIN get in! Attended on the weekends during the day, our staff will be happy to direct friends to your home. The privacy and safety of our pampered campers is our number one priority. Buttonwood is a place for memories. A place where four generations of campers have created memories to last a lifetime and beyond. Where couples have met as children building sandcastles on our beach and now bring their grandchildren to do the same. We invite you to enjoy the magic of Buttonwood Beach as one of our pampered campers. But we’ll warn you in advance:

Come through our gate once, and you will never want to leave!

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